Foster team spirit and turn traditional team building into a stunning experience that not only strengthens your professional bonds, but also reveals the hidden artists of your team.

Art-building is a great opportunity for work teams to promote mutual communication and as a bonus awaken their inner artist. It's the perfect way to break down barriers between people and focus on achieving a common goal in a fun, relaxed, creative atmosphere. 

We use experimental techniques such as spray, finger painting or stencils. In this way, everyone can freely express their experiences and a breathtaking abstract work is created. We create on large board formats or on canvas.

Experimental painting helps to express our feelings and harmonize our inner personality into a harmonious whole through the canvas, both with the choice of colors and with an interesting non-standard artistic technique.

Even though many people fear that painting is not exactly their thing and their picture will not be exactly like that of Picasso, they themselves are very surprised at what they can do. An indisputable advantage is that the results of art teambuilding can be used not only for the personal purposes of individual participants, but also within the framework of supporting and developing corporate culture. 

It is possible to exhibit the work as a common image in the premises of the company or to push its meaning even further and auction it for charitable purposes as part of a company event.