"When creating, I freely use my imagination. Imagination often transports me to worlds that don't exist but are still beautiful. "


I paint intuitively, but I mainly use experimental painting techniques such as "SPLASH" or "SPRAY with stencils". I also use various unusual tools such as forks, rollers, spatulas, sponges, bottles, strainers and templates or fingers. 

I believe that prints of unusual instruments are fascinating and give the image a completely different dimension. Personally, I try to connect abstraction and color choices to my overall idea, although many drips and splatters are always accidental. Just like in life. 

Experimental painting techniques express freedom, strong energy and the courage to do things differently.  Ivona Danziger


S T U D Y :

1995 - 1996 1st PRIVATE SCHOOL OF OIL PAINTING IN PRAGUE / Věra Šteflová / oil painting techniques and classical painting

2015 - 2016 UMPRUM PRAGUE / evening study of painting, modern art, figure painting and perspective art / Prof. Mgr. A. Libor Kaláb