Art making has an alchemical effect on our imagination. It awakens all our senses and sharpens our insights, so we can perceive the world in many diferent ways."


WHO IS ID?  Ivona Danziger

For a long time I have been using experimental art techniques such as "SPLASH" or "SPRAY" or FINGER painting. I also use various experimental, non-standard tools such as forks, rollers, squeegees, sponges and stencilsIt is not a classic painting, but rather a personal, intuitive creation.

SPLASH is my favorite, very expressive technique, where colors are splashed and applied in different ways on canvas, thus creating an abstract artwork.  I try to connect the abstraction and choice of colors with my overall idea of ​​the final artwork, although many drops and splatters are random. Just like in life. 

The experiemental art techniques express freedom, strong energy and the courage to do things differently.  ID


My latest artworks were inspired by warm summer weather, a colorful garden full of flowers and joy. All paintings were done by combination of "SPLASH" and "SPRAY" technique..