Graphic design

Among other things, I have many years of experience in the field of graphic design. I am also the owner of the creative agency kleinMaus


Collages isnpired by every day life, sad reality, social media and wars.


 What animal would you be if you could?  Graphics are inspired by blue print and typical Czech design flower pattern called "onions".

Body Art 

My body my art. The use of the human body as a brush evokes completely new feelings. This experiment of using a combination of body print and simple graphics brings out sensual artworks.

Strange Circus

These animals illustrations are part of my project for kids. My grandfather used to tell me a crazy story about strange circus animals, when I was a little girl. I loved it and wanted to retell it every night. I was looking forward to being engulfed in a sense of wonder and fear, but who doesn't like to be a little scared? So I adapted the story for my son. It was he who inspired me to write the story and prepare simple illustrations for other children as well.