Summer Flowers Collection

This collection was inspired by warm weather, summer heat and a colorful garden full of flowers. All paintings are done by combination of "SPLASH" and "SPRAY" technique..


Jellyfish Collection  

The fact that jellyfish have survived for 650 million years without brains gives hope to many people. This amazing creature inspired me to put it into my paintings using "SPLASH" technique.


Angels Collection

 Angels are all around us, despite claims from skeptics who discount them because they can't be seen or scientifically proven. We only need to be attentive to their presence to know they are there. Angels definatelly exist on my paintings and are done by "SPLASH" and "COLOR FLOW" techniques. 

Wings Collection

The charity exhibition called  "WINGS OF ART" in 2020 exclusively supported the globally respected non-profit organization Medecins Sans Frontier, with all proceeds from the exhibition supporting the organization's mission in Yemen.


Wild Flowers Collection 

All possible wild flowers and meddow winds done by "SPLASH" technique.

Femininity Collection

Woman body and women nature inspired me to create this collection.