Ivona Danziger 

S T U D Y : 

1995 - 1997 

1st PRIVATE SCHOOL OF OIL PAINTING IN PRAGUE / Věra Šteflová / oil painting techniques and classical painting 

2013 - 2016 

UMPRUM PRAGUE / evening study of painting, modern art, figure painting and perspective art / Prof. Mgr. A. Libor Kaláb

E X I B I T I O N S :

PRAGUE 2021 - NOW -  MIX ATODA MEDICAL - solo exhibition, part of interior design | PRAGUE 09 2020 - 12 2020  WINGS - ANIMADECOR - solo exhibition | PRAGUE 01 2020 - THE WINGS OF ART -  MÁNES GALLERY -  joint charity exhibition for Médecins Sans Frontières  | PRAGUE 06 2019 - COURAGE 2 - LAPIDARIUM GALLERY - joint exhibition | PRAGUE 03 2019 - STRELITZIA - LADRONKA GALLERY - joint charity exhibition for ACORUS | PRAGUE 06 2018 - SPRING - Cafe Pavlina - solo exhibition | PRAGUE 04 2016 - FEMININITY - Salon Be Lovely - solo exhibition | PRAGUE 06 2015 - COURAGE joint exhibition - GUD Gallery | PLZEN 2015 - DARK SOUL - ARTAMO Gallery - solo exhibition | PRAGUE 2014 - BEYOND THE BORDERS HUB - solo exhibition | STUTTGART, GERMANY 2000 - 2003 - TRAVELES PATH - ProOptic shopGERMANY 1998 - SIMPLE - ifa - first solo exhibition 

My story is to paint  without  PREJUDICE

When I was 5, I loved to draw with chalk on the asphalt in front of our house, sometimes drawing the whole street. I painted my big childhood dreams without inhibitions and just because I liked it. WITHOUT PREJUDICES. When we were little, we did a lot of things without preconceptions, spontaneously and regardless of the result. We sang, recited, danced or painted.. And who among us sings spontaneously today? 

When I was 10, I won every art competition at our school, all the doves of peace and red scarves, lilacs and just all those kinds of socialistic themes.. I STILL LOVED PAINTING, BUT THE THEMES WERE NOT MINE. 

When I was 14, I wanted to go to an art high school, but my parents wanted a different school. So in the evenings, instead of studying, DESPITE MY PARENTS, I colored all the walls of my room. ECONOMICS were not my thing and I never became an accountant.

When I was 20, I found the 1st private oil painting school in Prague and started going regularly to the art studio of Czech well-known artist Věra Šteflová. I knew I love to paint, but I was also questioning myself if I was any good and I was comparing myself to other artists or students. Since then, I have painted with prejudices and comparisons, usually just for myself when I needed to clear my head or as gifts for my friends and family.  

When I was 22, I sold my first painting in Germany. I still remember feeling a little sad when I saw my painting leave our apartment:-) This 2x2m painting full of flowers was not for sale, but my friend just really wanted it :-) The same friend helped me find the premises and I could display my paintings in the windows of one shop on the main shopping street in Stuttgart, but I still didn't believe in myself. I was painting with oil then.

Only when I was 40 and my son was 3 years old, I started EXPERIMENTAL painting classes for the youngest children.  At this age, children do not yet know how to paint, but they can immediately express themselves artistically.  AND IT TOOK ME BACK TO THE BEGINNING - to my childhood.  ARTISTIC EXPRESSION CAN BE VERY SIMPLE and FROM THIS MOMENT I DEVOTED TO EXPERIMENTAL PAINTING TECHNIQUES.